Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Foureyes: A Daily Accessory

Two weeks ago I finally replaced my eyeglasses with new ones. The lenses were so scratched that I really don't know how I saw anything at all. I had them for about 8 years. That's insane to me - 8 years! In the past 8 years I: finished my army duties, got a degree (with honors!), had and lost two 'steady' boyfriends, moved 3 times, had about 5-7 jobs (I still have a couple of them), visited the US twice, opened my own business, lost a pet, saw Tori Amos-Zero 7-Joanna Newsom-Ben Folds-and many many great Israeli musicians, passed my teens and came into my 20s, lost some friends-gained some new ones and mostly found out who I can really trust.

Photos from January // New Glasses
Pictures from January // New Glasses

A lot of life changing events and they all led me to here and now. What will this new pair witness?


  1. Has anyone ever told you that you that there was a contestant on the show "Top Chef" one year that looks a lot like you? I just saw reruns of it the other day and said "Whoa! She looks just like Zohar!"

    Don't even know if you get that show where you live...but anyway, fun little story :)

  2. Oh what your eyes have seen (or haven't seen very well). And your new glasses are very cute!!

  3. found her! she looks kind of like you in this shot, but really like you with her hair down and curly!


  4. LOL! Bethany! She looks nothing like me :)

  5. Your new glasses are adorable on you, here's to hoping they witness many wonderful things! Gosh, I've probably had mine almost that long too, time for a new pair.

  6. m'dear, what a lovely list of things these 8 years with the old glasses brought you. i think for me it'll be harder to mix the positive with the negative. it's naturally easier for me to think of the negative. i never "mefargenet" for myself enough.

    a degree with honors! congrats! you should've told me! we need to go out for a drink to celebrate the list above. and the lovely new pair of glasses.

    the fact that i rarely comment does not mean i do not read every single post, because i do.


  7. My dear - I would love to go out for a drink - since your are the bussiest of us both, I shall be waiting for your phone call.

    And don't even worry about the comment thing :)