Friday, December 3, 2010

Anything but Black!

I find that the more I work at my current job, the less I enjoy clothes. And that's a pretty big issue for me. Being forced to wear black everyday, having long days in which I get back from work and rush to rehersal (and if I change it's usually to some sweatpants and t-shirts) - it's just not right! When I get to look at shops - I search for black. When I choose clothes for my few nights out, I immediately go for the black. It's depressing me to be honest, because I have quite a large and colorful set of clothes that isn't being used. It's just that this black black black issue has made me.... bland. Clothes have always been a way to express myself and for me, this "all black" policy is a serious reason to quit my job. But I won't. Not yet anyway. So I decided today to wear RED.

Jersey Shirt, Satin Dress, Suede Boots, Wide Vintage Belt, Sunglasses, Brass Earrings - RakShniya // Doe Pin - Thrifted.

It's both festive and as far from black as possible. The layering turned out to be a little chunky because of my belt but hey, I'm wearing something colorful so I'm happy.

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