Friday, November 19, 2010

To List or Not to List?

RakShniya Vintage // To List or Not to List?

This amazing 1950s nautical peter pan collar dress is from my own private collection. It is truely amazing in my eyes, but I find that it's becoming slightly snug on me (the body isn't what it used to be..) and even when it did fit very well, I didn't wear it often, maybe because i'm not so much of a wiggle dress girl. I like my dresses slightly puffed at the skirt. However I do have quite a few dresses I keep just because. Maybe this should stay eye candy. hmmm.


  1. It's still looking pretty cute on you from here, I say keep it!

  2. And you know, it could totally work for a themed party dress, or even a cool halloween outfit. Cute little nautical girl or something.