Saturday, November 20, 2010

Presents in the Mail

About two weeks ago, I recieved a package from Regina at everyeskimo - one of the loveliest vintage shops on Etsy (in my opnion at least) that has a great little handmade corner dedicated to small felt animels. Since I'm a self-proclaimed etsy stalker and check my favorites almost daily, and I often covetted Regina's little handmade friends and waited patiently for the right one. One day, a cat names Beryl showed up. My sister Shira, loves everything cats and I knew I had to buy Beryl for her and even decided to treat myself to a two-headed bear called Tina and Sven.


Since the holidays are approaching, Etsy has been sending out a lot of emails regarding how to treat your costumers towards the holiday season where a lot of the items bought are gifts. They talk about wrapping and presentation and it always seems a little funny to me. Purely because I think this should be on a sellers mind throughout the whole year. Every item I sell is hand-wrapped, and I try to put a lot of heart into presentation because I want my costumers to feel special. Regina, obviously has the same thing in mind.


I can't tell you how delighted my sister and I were, while opening this very small package. Regina put such an effort into what she sent us. Shira and I are very (!) happy with our cat and bear(s) but it was the whole package that made us esctatic - you can see why looking at the pictures. Thank you Regina!


  1. oh zohar, you are too sweet. i am so glad this package brought you and your sister a smile, i couldn't ask for anything more.

    warmest wishes to both of you. xo.

  2. That is just the sweetest!! Soooo cute...