Thursday, October 21, 2010

Customer Delight

This is probably my favorite kind of posts - displaying my fabulous customers wearing the items they've bought in my shop. This specific customer is Izabelle who just happens to be the owner of Boojiboo - where she makes fun and pretty retro aprons, one of the first shops I came accross when joining Etsy and to this day one of my best friends proudly wears the apron I got for her from Boojiboo. Anyway, Izabelle bought one of the most beauitful dresses I had in my shop and I'm so happy to see she's pleased:


She even posted about it in her blog. Getting a sneak peek at your costumers life is priceless and I'm so happy every time it happens. Thank you!

Also, reminding everyone that my 1st anniversary sale is still going on the shop until Oct. 23rd - take a look.


  1. Fun! That is super rewarding. I once wanted to do a post on my blog of where my artwork has ended up. I emailed everyone who has purchased and asked for people to take a picture of their artwork in their space. I only got one response...lame!

  2. I guess people who don't already have a blog or flickr or at least want to keep them private (which is suprisngly quite a good amount) aren't that into letting the www take a peek into their lives.. :(

  3. awww i love that! i'm sad i missed out on that dress...but i think it will have a very exciting life now!!

  4. Thank you! I wore it out already and got so many compliments. I felt like Cinderella when I put the dress on because it was almost as if it was made just for me :)

    And I know what you mean about seeing part of your customer's lives (not that I go snooping, haha) but every now and then we'll get an email with pictures attached and it just makes our day!