Friday, September 10, 2010

Vintage Loungewear

A few days ago I had a little conversation about wearing vintage on a daily basis, which I do. However it always brings up the sort of questions of how much vintage you want to look yourself. I mean, some vintage clothing, however gorgeous they may be, are kind of constumey. I have some dresses like that, and I do wear them but I need to be in right state of mind to do so.
I do however try to bring in a little vintage into my daily-wear, or just loungey-kind-of-wear. I think Lauren has perfected this and I think as far as easy going clothes go, I too have found the clothes that are both vintage and comfy for me.


Top, Pants, Belt (all 3 vintage), Sunglasses - RakShniya
Earrings - present from my sister
Sandles - AntiTeza


  1. I love that you were able to create such a cool casual look with a modern feel from vintage pieces and I love the little heart belt with this.

    Hey, did you buy the boy scout backpack? I just saw that it sold.

  2. Thanks hun :)
    And no - I didn't, I too need to save up my money so I just adored it from afar!