Monday, September 6, 2010

To Keep or Not to Keep?...

This is a pretty cool sweater don't you think? I bet Bombshell Bettie would love this - she likes nautical items. Hmmm. On one hand - it's gorgeous, in amazing condition and my size - on the other, I'm not sure I have anything to go with it. And I'm not really into just wearing jeans.. this is a tough one, I'll list everything else before I get to this little pretty.


  1. that is a cute shirt, funny I'm the same way, most of the time I will list the best for last and sometimes will change my mind about listing it cause I want to keep it for a while...

  2. It's really cute, have you tried pairing it with any skirts?

  3. Missa - I don't really have colors to match it... I do have a grey one which would go well with it I suppose, I need to try it out

  4. Could you wear it tucked into a pretty navy blue skirt, with a big vintage scarf tied around the collar? Maybe something pleated and A line.