Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Two Favorite Dresses Went Bah-Bye

At this stage my shop is a small operation so every item I put in it is carefully picked and LOVED LOVED LOVED. These are all items I would wear in one way or another. This weekend has been very good to me sales-wise (knock on wood) so this morning I had to say goodbye to two favorite 1950s dresses:

Let me just say that it isn't very easy to find 1950s dresses in such wonderful condition in Israel. Israel is only 60+ years old and a lot of the older people who live here had to leave most (if not all) of their possessions in Europe because of WW2.
It's hard to part ways with such wonderful dresses but I'm glad they will have new loving homes (or so I hope anyway..).


  1. You will always have these lovely pictures!

  2. DANGIT, I so wanted that orange one. Boo. They were both so amazing. I'm not surprised they sold. ;)

  3. Bettie - I know how you feel :) There are so many items out there I feel a thud in my heart when they sell because I wanted them so but couldn't spend the money - you would have looked so great in that dress though - it's very you from what I tell :)