Saturday, September 4, 2010


I have been "using" Etsy for about a year now. I frequently go to the forums and read alot, because the Etsy community is in my opinion, a great one thus you meet nice people and read smart and helpful things that helps you along especially if you are a seller like I am. Throughout my forum searches, I've come across many posts claiming people are buying items only to sell them in their own shop later or doing all kinds of nasty things but today was the first time I actually "caught" someone in the act.

I happen to be a stalker. A shop stalker. I visit the shops I like almost on a daily basis and I check my favorites list for sold items (only to check the shops they've come from) often. About 10 minutes ago, a very beauitful treasury showed up on Etsy's front page and one of the images popped for me because I recognized one of my favorite shops photo aesthetics - however, the shop name under the image didn't match the shop I was sure it belonged too. I went into that shop, saw very few listings, no profile, no avatar and discovered that there were 2 items in that shop with images from the shop I love. I double checked to be sure, contacted the seller of the shop I love and flagged the idiot who either just stole the images and is missleading their buyers or bought those two items only to resell them.

In my opinion this is horrible and disrespectful - this stands against everything I believe in Etsywise. I have so much respect and admiration towards my fellow sellers, especially if they are selling vintage and this is so wrong.

I'm not mentioning names here. I'm leaving this to Etsy (who will hopefully address this issue soon after I flagged that shop) and to the seller of the shop I love who has contacted me already and is of course unhappy about this. BLA. People are stupid!


  1. Most Etsy people are lovely as are you. By the way, your quote of the moment is one of my favorite songs!

  2. Admittedly I have re-sold things I've bought on etsy that don't fit but I'm not doing it JUST to re-sell them. I genuinely bought the item for myself and (usually because its mismeasured) It doesn't fit me when it shows up. I don't know how you feel about that. I'd rather not have a dress or pair of shoes sitting around that I can't use that I know someone else out there will. I would NEVER use someone else's photos though, even if I was re-selling.
    And of course I think people that try to trick buyers that way are just terrible. Its a timelessvixen scandal all over again.

    I think I saw the one you were talking about. I believe she mentioned it on her twitter account that it was not her, just her photos. Its really too bad that those people are moving in to etsy too. I agree the Etsy community is so wonderful.
    I don't know what I would do without my vintage friends from Etsy.

  3. I think it's fine to do what your'e doing with reselling items that don't fit or you don't use anymore - that's what vintage is all about. I'm really mostly talking about resellers that buy to sell.

    What happened in the timelessvixen scandell? I love that shop.

  4. Well...all of buying and selling vintage is really reselling. We're not creating the items; we're reselling things we've previously purchased for the most part (unless they were handed down to us by family). However to use another seller's photos (unless it's with their permission) is cheesy and disrespectful. Do they actually have the item to sell, or are they just pretending to have it?

    I had a seller on another site use some of my Etsy photos without permission to create a shop banner, and it made me very angry indeed!

  5. Karen - those were my thoughts - of course we are reselling - but buying on an Etsy shop (and from a very well known shop) to just sell it again right away seems blah to me. I think the main problem presented is whether this seller is misleading their own buyers by using others photos or buying to resell+using the original photos.