Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's a Bugs Life

If only I could really explain to you the disgust I felt last night, after coming home at 10:30pm starved, having gone through a very long and busy day to find out that my trashcan was pouring of MAGGOTS! Conveniently, my roommate disappeared. Apparently his stupidness (he really is a bad roommate) or I left a piece of meat hanging around in the trash can and with this heat wave going on a fly came in, laid his eggs and well.. welcome the newest addition to our apartment - a gazillion of maggots. I'll spare you what happened next and how I cleaned it up and later wanted to die with disgust.

Personally I fear a lot of bugs (even though maggots are technically worms but they were born as a result of a bug!), it goes back to when I was very young and during yet another heat wave (oh how I hate the summer), I was standing near a shrub that attracted a certain type of tiny bugs and when I went near it, they all went into my hair. That can freak out a girl. And make her scratch.

While I'm currently scratching my head, I try to relax myself and remind myself that not all bugs are evil. For example - one of my favorite bloggers who is the Glamourai has a long time love affair with insect jewelry (and jewelry in general for she is a designer and maker of..) - she shows me that not all is lost:


But still... I would rather the cockroaches and little jittery flies and mosquito's (for example) leave me alone!

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