Monday, August 30, 2010

I WANT This!

Hard to believe it's from the 80s but it's 100% me - I love the color, the fabric, the closed neckline and plunging back (coming soon in a "my vintage obsession" post) and the elastic waistline which makes it nice and tight on my smaller waist and perfect for a nice belt. Kristina - can I have this for my birthday please? Pretty please? Who cares in not until June?! AHHH.



  1. Adorable and cheap! I love love love a low back with a high neck. I wish I still had the shape to pull it off. Full coverage only for me now ;) That color is perfect for any accessory too. Red, pink, blue, green, white, orange(!) purple, seafoam...seriously ANY color would go with this oatmeal dress!
    love it! great find

  2. I'm loving the plunging backs right now too, especially on an otherwise simple dress like this. Looking forward to your vintage obsession post.