Monday, August 16, 2010

A Détacher - (generally speaking) I Like You

I feel liked a caged animal. It is SO hot here and it's going to get even hotter and it's driving me INSANE. I've written about my horrible hatred towards summer here before but this is just too much, there only so much I can take. Even people who like summer are crancky over this weather.

Yesterday I met a friend of mine at the mall (something I seldomly do, go to the mall I mean, there's just nothing interesting there anymore) and while I was waiting for him, I went into ZARA. From all shops I would say this one I still have high hopes for and I was just bedazzled by all the fall colors and warm fabrics they recently brought in (who knows why - it's freaking HOT) - granted, I didn't buy a thing but it felt so nice to look at what I long for - clothes for cold weather.

I came across A Détacher at (where the pictures are taken from) and was quite pleased with her use of warm colors and fabrics like velvet and wool - I wish she wouldn't have taken it a step forward, but this is nice for now - may it give you cold thoughts.

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  1. I really like that plaid cape-y thing!

    I am not a summer fan, either. It's the humidity that does me in, more than the heat. We just had a long sticky spell that has finally broken, so I'm feeling better now. Hope your weather cools soon!