Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's not even 8am here and I'm already up and about, have taken a shower and am trying to revive myself after a very long and busy two days. I wanted to thank everyone for their new-job wishes, it's very sweet and also comforting to know someone actually reads this blog :) So far so good (job wise I mean).

Anyway, I only have a few minutes to spare. I hope I'll get used to my new pace of life quickly enough so my bloggyness does not suffer. My lovely costumer Allison was gracious enough to send me pictures of her in a dress-coat she recently bought from me, and was even more gracious in allowing me to share them here. I often see how shop owners who are also bloggers get excited about this kind of thing, as we should. Seeing our items in use is one of the most rewarding things possible especially since we sell on the internet and our interactions with costumers is very small and distant.

So I leave you with the pretty Allison who looks so good in her recent purchase, I'm delighted that she's pleased!

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