Saturday, July 3, 2010

I WANT This!

wow wow wow - what a beautiful amazing gorgeous 1950's dress from Thrush. I know I've been going crazy with 'I want this' posts lately but what can I say? I want many things. This dress is pretty much near perfect - the only thing I would have liked better is if it had a sweetheart neckline or even, if keeping this square neckline, that it was slightly lower. But the colors and pattern that does not spread throughout the whole dress is just perfection.

And while I'm at it - here are two more flowery items I liked this past week:

Floral brooch/Necklace from ShickiMickis
1950's pink flower brooch from Allencompanyinc


  1. It is indeed lovely. Urban Outfitters sell alot of these kind of flowery dresses. Those bastards don't ship here though.


  2. Unfortunately, UO (even though I love them dearly) wouldn't know how to make something in this kind of quality even if it slapped them in the face 10 times. But that's ok! :)

    I hope you're alive dear. I'm very close to stabbing myself over these damn papers.

  3. Aww, what a darling dress! <3

    -Dyanna Pure