Friday, July 23, 2010

Create Your Own International Signature

I'm happy to write a business related post since I don't often do this. I will try to do this from time to time. As you might or might not know, my mother and her business partner own one of the most successful vintage and second hand shops in Israel so they often get invited to help move people out of their houses or go through estate items. When I can, I often join my mother who always lets me handle the clothes and accessories 'department', I choose things for her shop and mine. Anyway, the other day this lovely old lady moved into an elderly housing community and her family asked us to come and take a look. Besides the wonderful ceramics, glasswear, paintings and so on, I also found two old atlases.

Any of you who have bought something from my shop know that I use old atlas pages to write my thank-you notes. It's not just any atlas, but hebrew written, Israeli printted atlasses - so finding these atlasses was a great thing for me personaly. Also and wonderfuly enough, my efforts have been noticed and many of my clients have written to me about this unique way of writing thank-you and how exotic and special it makes their purchase.

The reason I'm sharing this is because I feel it's very crucial to find your own signature when it comes to your shop. Because I don't make things and can't attach labels to my items I find that this is my signature - it represents both my aesthetics and my country.

A few months ago I posted a thread on the Etsy forums called Being a Foreign Seller on Etsy or How to Make the Most of Your Shop, noting a few points about being an international seller. I also stated that these points were as relevent for US sellers, especially if they sell worldwide.
Selling worldwide is such a special thing to me and one of the main reasons I opened my Etsy shop - being able to reach people of the other side of the ocean is amazing. I'm proud of where I come from (in my own way) and I think the way I say thank you represents that.

I can only recommend that if you are a shop owner - try and find your own international signature. Most buyers are fascinated by other languages, views and aesthetics that represent their sellers and where they are from. It does'nt have to be a thank you note, it can be anything really - be creative! Besides being a special treat it will also bring you and your buyer closer together, something that is sometimes hard to achieve through the internet. Who knows, maybe they will recommend you for it, check out your shop again and even buy something.

Those are my 2 cents anyway...


  1. I love this idea, I am re-thinking about how I can brand myself with a "Texas" signature!

  2. Great :) I used to live in Forth Worth when I was a kid!