Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I can't sew (nor spell apparently because I wrote saw before fixing it, thanks Yaeli). Instead of whining about why I wasn't a teenager in the 50s and so I wouldn't have only gotten to wear the items I so covet but also would have learned how to sew them, I can only hope to pick up sewing one day. I deeply admire the lovely Casey from Casey's Elegant Musings for sewing clothes from old patterns. Besides being so gorgeous she also has a wonderful eye for both choosing great patterns and sewing great items:

So even though I can't saw and I don't know anyone who would be kind enough, talented enough and cheap enough to make clothes for me, I'm occupying myself with pattern wish-listing. Here are some really pretty patterns which items I would love to wear one day (clicking on the images leads you to its source):


  1. מהמם מהמם מהמם! אני רוצה להיות פינאפ גירל כשאהיה גדולה...

  2. טוב את סוג של פינאפ יחד עם תכלת, רק בצורה המודרנית, אני כל כך אוהבת את הצילומים שאתן עושות :)