Saturday, May 8, 2010

We Got to See Burton, But We Didn't See Abramovich

As a theatre major student, I've heard about Marina Abramovich and her bizzare performances quite a few times. It has a lot to do with with the artists interaction with the audiance (not always, but that's what I know of). This time around, she's doing an exhibition at MoMa called 'the Artist is Present' where she basicly sits with a member of her audience (if they wish) and has a staring competition with them. These people and and Marina herself are being timed and photographed:

Let's see if you can spot a few celebrity sightings in MoMa's flickr account (where all of these photos are taken from), I spotted Isabella Rossellini, Jennifer Carpenter and Anthony from Anthony and the Johnsons. Also, there is a large amount of people who keep coming back like the first guy up top - and it's funny because you can see how he gets tidyer as days go by. Also, it's strange to see how weird we all look when placed next to each other like that - how our faces are structured so differently. Lastly, there is a tumblr blog called "Marina Abramovich Made Me Cry" - I think you can figure out the subject presented there.


  1. incredibly intriguing. I've done something similar to that in my past. more info in our next date.

  2. That is a very interesting concept for a show. I thought that was Rosselini.