Friday, May 7, 2010

Still feeling a little under the weather today. I stopped twitching though - which is a blessed event, no more currents for me, at least not for now. So as promised - my mother got me a few surprises - one is an amazing doctor's bag, I can't quite date it yet, but not knowing how old it is doesn't make it any less awesome. The other part of the surprise is slips - lots of them! I have a small slip collection (all of which I wear) so it's great to have some new colors (aqua and salmon) joining the group. Also it was quite the surprise seeing them in their original boxes! The boxes for one are so pretty, especially when I know that slips today would be sold is small nylon bags or something like that. I also love the way they are designed, they are defiantly on my keep list.


  1. gorgeous surprises! i wish to start my own slips collection, so lovely.

    hopefully we'll both feel better soon [i'm down with a cold...] and we'll plan something fun after these papers are due....


  2. איזה כייף לקבל מתנות איכותיות כאלה.