Monday, May 17, 2010

No Sleep and Some Chicks

It's 4:24am. I can't go to sleep. I've been up all night because I was in a play on a special night in my theatre department when we say "to hell with sleep - we want to act" more or less.. so I did. And it went well. But because I'm going to see my parents tomorrow.. today I thought I'd take the earliest buss (which is in about an hour and some) and just sleep there - I mean, sleep at this point would be silly. Just thought I'd stop by since I've been absent for the last few days due to rehearsals.

Also, I was walking somewhere today and what did I see? A group of chickens. Just sitting there, minding their own business. Need I remind you I live in the city, and it's not a town like city, it's quite the hardcore urban city. Those chickens don't belong. But they looked quite at ease and did not freak out when I took their picture. They kind of didn't look real at first - but let me assure you - they eyed me well. Have a good day!

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