Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Wish I Had a Pet

While fish or birds are easier to care for and confined, I often long for a dog or a cat. I love animals and against my better judgment I pet every creature I come across. I can only continue to wish for my own little something, but as a full time student, my pet would be either a very sad one, or a very dead one. In the mean while I hug my stuffed animals, pet the animals at my parents home and (finally) creature a pet/animal themed treasury, do visit:

p.s - if by any chance you're looking to get a pet of any kind, please please please adopt. Don't buy animals when there are so many shelters packed with gorgeous animals waiting for a good home.


  1. I have two kitties both from adopted from shelters, I love them to bits!!

  2. Hey Jen! Thanks for stopping by! and YAY! I wish..... :(