Thursday, May 27, 2010

Charles Anastase - I Like You

I haven't done one of these in a while. I didn't think I'd post anything actually because I have been feeling all over the place, but I decided to go into and see what they have to offer these feelings I have been having. I have'nt heard about Charles Anastase before, but looking through his earlier shows, I can see he's a designer I would have liked anyway. However what attracted me to this specific show, his latest, was the first image - this is what I want these days: the messy yet kept together, classic and distant blackness, everything about this image screams to me NOW. This is who I want to be, but my daily obligations are keeping me as a perkier image of myself.

Charles Anastase -


  1. I love the bold angles and colors. Not something I'd wear but beautiful just the same.

  2. I feel the same. I would wear some of it, but not the outfits put together.

  3. The mix and match is so smart here! Love it!