Wednesday, May 19, 2010

After last nights dramatic post lets move on to something lighter. Windy actually. I decided to write about an aspect of my work process, which is actually a fun idea since I don't tend to do this (for lack of ideas). Because I model the items I put in my shop, I've learned that even though a human body gives any item a better way to express itself (because clothes are all about expressing themselves you know), that's only half of it. The real problem is making your shot interesting, because just standing there blandly doesn't make me a lot different from my menquine - my recommendation? find a way to make your shot a little windy.

When I'm wearing an item that has a bit of a flow to it (a lot of fabric, a certain type of fabric, a certain type of sewing) I try to play with it. I often dance around and throw the fabric in all directions in hopes I'll get the perfect shot and let me tell you - it's hard! Being pretty and getting the right angle where you're not showing something your'e not suppose too while also serving any kind of esthetics is a tough job and requires many many many shots and energy.

This method does'nt always work - and it can get a little frustrating, however I am here to cheer you on and encourage you to try this if you are dealing with clothes. Learn how to move your fabric, where it's best to grab it, whether you need to spin or toss - it's an art really. Examples (good and bad - although the REALLY bad ones were deleted long ago):

AND my best shot to date:

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