Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Dad Is The Coolest

A hummingbird moved into one of my mothers planters recently. All of us (mom, dad, my sister and me) love animals and were fascinated by this recent addition to our family (and also wondered whether the cat spotted the little thing yet or not). We made sure not to disturb the lovely bird until a few days ago HB (a.k.a hummingbird) decided to explore his new territory and flew into our house. He flew all the way up to the second floor and amazingly did not crash into the window (like many birds like doing). SO, my dad, being the cool guy he is, approached, without caution, and gently put his hand around HB. Personally I would have been freaked out to do that because it's such a small bird and so fragile and it's all flittery but both - man and bird decided to chill. My dad didn't freak and apparently HB didn't either. In fact he looked at me with an expression saying "I wish MY dad was this cool".

My dad carried little HB outside to release him but the little thing was so comfortable inside my dads hand he decided to linger. He just sat on my dads hand looking around, resting, we also discovered that HB was only a baby - he has'nt lost all his gray birth feathers yet (adult hummingbirds have black feathers as far as I know) - my dad had to give him a little boost before he went on his marry way. Great experience.

p.s - I am super annoyed with graphics. I used to be queen of the graphic design when I was younger - really! But now, all I want to do is change the shops banner and NOTHING! bla.