Friday, April 23, 2010

I recently had an online interview for a lovely blog (you'll be notified when it's up), the questions revolved around fashion, vintage, my shop and lifestyle. It got me thinking about where vintage is in my life and how major it's affect is on me (not just in my wardrobe choices). I suppose I'm not the only one who breathes vintage and lives it daily but I've noticed a change in me, vintage wise, since I've opened my shop. "RakShniya Vintage" has been open for a little over 6 months (I haven't decided if that's a lot of a little to me, so much has happened in my life since..) and it's been doing well as far as I'm concerned , however, I've noticed that the more I look for vintage for the shop, the less vintage finds ME. What I mean is that I've suddenly noticed how very few items I find go into my own closet.

This is an issue I know many vintage shop owners deal with. Suddenly things have less appeal. Or at least that's what I thought, but today after really thinking about (because it bothered me) I changed my mind slightly and my conclusion is that I think I've become much more selective with my choices. I used to grab every vintage item I could find (I'm talking years ago when this fascination just started) and hold onto it no matter what (Whetehr I wear it or not), but since I'm surrounded by vintage these days, I can access an extra supply in "RakShniya" (my mom's shop, and literally, my shops mother-shop) and I model 99% of the items I put in my own shop I've learned what I should wear rather as to what I should keep.

It's difficult being this vintage avid and not keeping everything you find, at the back of mind I'm scared the people buying the items won't treat them well, which is obvoisuly silly because I'm thrilled people like and buy what I have to offer - I think these it's are so special. Even though vintage is super trendy these days, I also think vintage education has become something people are more aware of and I can only hope vintage shoppers out there read about their purchases, about the fabric they are made of and how it should be treated and generaly about the era the came from. I know I love to find out about these things and try to educate myself as much as I possibly can.

So anyway, today I went to visit my mom's shop and behold my surprise I tried on a lot of vintage items I found. Not everything fit well or turned out as lovely when it was on me but I did find two items I want to keep that I wanted to share with you. Finding these items made me feel at ease in a time that I really need these moments where everything clicks into place. They are both very basic items but very beautiful and functional (!!) for me (the dress needs ironing and my mother is appalled I'm posting it this wrinckled, forgive me mom and everyone else). I hope you have been finding great items lately.

Draped off-white cotton dress:

Scarlet gingham(like) cotton blouse:

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