Friday, March 26, 2010

Vacation? What Vacation?

Since it's passover next week we get a week and a half off university, which should be wonderful, except it really isn't time off. It always seems as if you suddenly have a lot of time to do lots of things but it never is enough. I have quite a few things to do, to read, to rehears, places to go, family to visit, work to do (for the shop) and on top of it all - I seem to getting a cold (I was starting to wonder, haven't been sick in a long while).
So this blog post is basically a rant - I'm sitting on my bed with 30-40 articles for a huge paper I need to write, mapping them out, while a headache is threatening to split my head open and my nose is kind of runny *sign*.

I hope everyone is doing well, those who read my blog and those who don't. Have a productive weekend.

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