Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rear Window, or, the loveliness that is Grace Kelly

I'm not one for blonds really. I have a horrible horrible class at 8am that revolves around movie analysis (if you can even call it that...) sounds interesting does'nt it? Well it could have been if the lecturer wasn't an insecure narrow-minded 3 year old. Leaving that aside, we are watching Alfred Hitchcocks "Rear Window", which I have watched before but I only now noticed how lovely Grace Kelly is in it and how beautifully she's dressed. I seldom give odes to sirens of the past but I think I will make an exception: (not the best screen captures.. sorry)

And I had to post a couple of their movie posters because they are so beautiful. I wish movie posters were drawn today, they are styled in such a creative and alluring manner, everything's larger than life and in my opinion, much more appealing: (notice the 'technicolor' sign on both posters :) )

Sources - Pictures 1-4, Picture 5, Poster 2, Picture 6, Poster 1

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