Thursday, March 25, 2010

My mother came to visit me today and we had a morning date - we had breakfast together and walked around looking specifically at shoes. She found some, I didn't. I can't say I was very disappointed, I was happy she got a very cool pair of sandals.
Anyway, I took my camera along and although I almost didn't take any pictures I noticed I had a specific theme to my pictures and that theme is light. Even though I'm not a summer girl and I prefer the darkness of winter - photography inspired by light has such an amazing affect. So the first image is from the coffee shop we went to for breakfast - it's their very cool light fixture/construction/whateverit'scalled, the second is from the shoe store and is pretty ethereal if you ask me - I like it that you can't really see my mom clearly and the light is a little too bright.

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  1. התמונה של אמא שלך אכן אמנותית משהו,גם אני אהבתי שהיא חשוכה במקצת.