Monday, February 22, 2010

Vintage Touches - USA

Surprisingly (and to my mothers total shock) I did not do a lot of shopping while in NYC which is a shame but I wouldn't trade what I did and the time I had spent with my lovely for more clothes. I did get a chance to see some really amazing vintage shops and even got to go to a really cool (and freezing!) flee market. I wish I had taken more pictures, these are a couple I wanted to share:

At the flee market: Vintage Printing Press Tablets
(they did not allow pictures taken because they didn't want me to sell them on the internet! That's crazy, but I sneaked this pretty shot)

In a consignment shop in Wampum PA where my friend Kris lives.

I might have not gotten tons of stuff -
but I did get SOME things.
This is a sneak peak of what's going in the shop and the online shop.
For some reason that is beyond me I forgot to include a beautiful
Carolina Herrera wool dress I found.

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  1. אני מחכה בסבלנות לראות את האוצרות אבל היא עוד מעט תיגמר.....
    איזה קטע שהם לא נותנים לצלם.