Friday, January 29, 2010

Things I Liked This Week

1. Truly talented Amanda Wachob and her fine art tattoos -
These are the one's I would get

2. This gorgeous wedding headpiece

3. Vintage eye-wear
(and these specifically because they aren't catlike)

4. David Bowie finger puppets -
I wish I knew someone who really loved Mr. Bowie
so I could get this for them..

5. Etsy featured a really wonderful and inspirational Flickr album called
The Craftsman Builder and I just wanted to share some pictures
from it that I liked:


  1. Wow....I've never seen tattoos with such vibrant colors before. I'm usually a black tattoo kind of person because the colors always look dull....but this might have changed my mind.

  2. Beautiful. Makes me want to pack everything and go to a zimmer up north right now. :-)