Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Day Off

The smartest thing I did with my schedule for the this semester is leave a day wide open with no classes for whatever. Thankfully, this day is today and it's in the middle of the week so I get to catch my breathe, take a break and get lots of things done (I guess one contradicts the other but that's how I am).

The first thing I got to do FOR my day off is sleep for8 hours (compared to the 4-5 hours I've been getting lately) which allows me to do things that don't revolve around staring blankly. I opened my day with a breakfast date with my dad who came to visit me. I sent a big bag of vintage goodies back home with him that I will shoot for the shop this weekend. I love vintage. I got a hold of some great find last weekend and I can't wait to share them with you.

Since I got back I've been multi-tasking: promoting the and doing some maintenance on shop (suggestions anyone?), checking out ALLLL of my favorite blogs - that I can tell you my friends, is a long list, and getting very jealous of the snow everyone but me is having! By the way I check every comment you leave, so if you have a blog, I'd love to check it out, so leave comments. My lovely hasn't called me yet so I'm forced to be productive and all, instead of getting spoiled by him on the phone. Shame on him.

The day holds a lot of more things for me to do. I think I'm actually going to go shopping. Or at least, window shopping. Which I haven't done in forever. And that's sad.

I think this post is kind of boring without pictures but my camera is BROKEN! It's so sad and horrible for me, but I really don't know which new camera to get - does anyone have any suggestions for me???? please?!

I will leave you with a great selection of pictures taken of Michael Johansson's visually engaging sculptures. Be sure to visit this link for more.

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