Thursday, December 10, 2009

I arrived at my parents house today. We live in a small village (also known in hebrew as a MOSHAV) and it's always nice to come back from the big city to grass and dogs and cats and mud (since it's finally winter-ish here). Upon my arrival I was notified by my dad that a package arrived for me - I've been waiting for two lovely necklaces from the talented Mallory from Where the Lovely Things Are, and man, they are lovelier than I thought they would be. It's so awesome getting things from around the world. Especially if they are vintage or handmade.

Meanwhile, my dad spotted a HUGE mushroom in our backyard yesterday and wanted to show it to me today. Unfortunatly, it died. Which of course had to be documented as well. Looks more like it had a case of auto-combustion does'nt it??

Everyone - have a great weekend!

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  1. תתחדשי.
    אהבתי את הפטרייה,גם אצלנו צומחות להן פטריות אבל קטנות יותר.