Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blast from the Past

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season or at least (for those of us not celebrating anything really) just enjoying whatever. The weekend sale has come and gone, I've made a couple of sales which was great and exciting. It's been a busy week and a very busy semester (halfway to ending...) and generally I'm pretty much tired.

My father and mother both had a very long military career (being in the military is mandatory in Israel). My father was a (in simple words) helicopter technician for some time of that career so he would fly all over the country. The other day my mother sent me this picture of him (second from the left) - he and his crew landed in the Hermon which is the highest mountain in Israel and pretty much the only place you can get snow. I think that besides my dad being quite foxy, it's so great seeing these pictures of when your parents had their own lives, where everything revolved around them - you know what I mean? I'm guessing my dad isn't much older in this picture than I am right now and it's great to see this picture and feel like I've captured some moment in my dads life I would never have known about otherwise..

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