Saturday, November 14, 2009

Trying Something New (a.k.a Shop UPDATE)

I've been having a lot of trouble with the background of my clothing shots for the shop and was disappointed with the different shots I took. I like clean bright backgrounds but as can be seen in my early items (which I will re-shoot slowly) the brighter items just kind of don't shine and that's a shame since they are beautiful. SO.. I've decided to model the items myself (those that fit me anyway) and see how that goes. I'm pretty pleased with the results - I'd love your feedback!

See these and more items at my Etsy shop - link on the right side bar :)


  1. Cute blog, great clothes! xxx Camilla

  2. אויש יש בחנות פריטים שאני חומדת,די ,די

  3. גברת את יודעת שאלה פריטים שלא נמצאים בחנות כן?

  4. כן,כן.
    תהרגי אותי וזהו.