Monday, November 2, 2009

I suppose this is a rant. Well no. I suppose I'm mainly tired. Being a theatre student and just having finished acting in a play, working on my shop and trying to have some resemblance of a life, I feel a little discouraged mainly because I'm low on energy.

BUT I'm very pleased to share the packing of my first sale in the shop. I was so excited I took pictures of every stage, which is kind of silly and kind of geeky, but I guess i'm a little bit, or a lot of both:

The item sold: vintage navy-blue bow hat

smuggling.... fabric?
I filled two plastic bags with fabric and put them inside the hat so it won't get smooshed.
It does look like drugs, but it isn't.


Hand-made thank you note. Made out of an old atlas I found.

Everything put together.

Quality time with my plant. Waiting to be shipped.

It was fun! I wanna do it again! Buy something :)


  1. רק עכשיו אני רואה את החנות החדשה,
    המון המון בהצלחה.

  2. בכוונה לא פירסמנו - אנחנו רוצים שיקבל תאוצה קודם.