Friday, November 6, 2009


First of all - I added a google friends connect on my right bar down there, so you can (if you with to do so) follow my blog. Also, we have a new treaury over at Etsy, so be sure to check that out.

And now to business: I always take pleasure in finding out about intersting young designers and since I am from Israel, when I "find" an Israeli designer I like, I am happy to report. I do my effort as a shopper and semi-proffesional buyer to browse around the designer markets we have around and I have to say this is the first time in months I've seen something that really interested me.
I am in no position to review here, but Venta Designers seem to offer something that I feel is refreshing. I enjoy the way they experiment with lines and (geometric) shapes, and their use of colors. My favorite must be the bright blue jacket-shirt!
Enjoy and be sure to visit the link for more of their clothes.


  1. עברתי לדף בפייסבוק ומאד אהבתי
    במיוחד את הקולקציה הראשונה.
    תודה על הלינק.
    את יודעת איפה אפשר לקנות?
    לא שיש לי כסף אחרי שאני מוציאה את רובו
    בחנות שלך.

  2. אני חושבת שהן רק מוכרות פרטי - יש שם אימייל אם אני לא טועה שאפשר ליצור איתן קשר