Friday, October 9, 2009

Finds of the day

My mother owns a second-hand store. It's a partnership, which consists of our two families being very involved, doing every odd job around, throughout the years. I can honestly say, that beyond being a 98% source of food for my closet, this store has helped me define my sense of style.
As the years went by I also become one of the store's buyers. I go to houses and vintage sales - I really love it. It pretty must consists everything I want in a job: clothes, shopping (with money that isn't mine MAH-HA-HA) and flexible hours. Getting paid for something I love doing isn't too bad either.

Yeterday I went to a vintage sale and got some pretty nice items (for myself and the store), these are my picks:

1. Vintage black & gold sailor buttoned shirt 2. Sea-green Vintage dress with wooden buttons 3. Floral vintage dress

After having quite a successful shopping experience I was suppose to go to a great sale we have in Tel-Aviv every season or so but my legs were killing me (vintage heals need to be broken in as well apparently...) so I went home and I sure am glad I did because I can across this beautiful thing:

This is my 3rd year in Tel-Aviv and try as I may, I've never found anything worth taking on the streets except for books. The front bar is broken but it's nothing some wood glue wouldn't fix! HOORAY! I'm so delighted.
Have a great week!

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